Bio-Diversity in The Five Deeps

The second phase of the science plan was to physically interrogate the bathymetric data obtained initially by the sonar, using the three Landers Flere, Skaff and Closp and the submersible Limiting Factor.

The sub “ground-truthed” the sonar data through visualising the substrate and was also be used to study seabed population densities and sample select organisms which reside on the surface of the sea bed.

The three landers acted as collection points for the Sub to deliver sediments, rocks and animal samples to provide genetic material, voucher specimens and information on population sizes.

Meanwhile, the landers were also equipped with a series of autonomous sampling gears such as water sampling, small invertebrate traps, a fish trap and a time-lapse baited video camera which, combined, provided live observations and voucher specimens of the mobile animals.