The Physical Formation of the Five Deeps

The first phase of research at each of the five deep dive sites, is in the collection of the higest resolution bathymetry data ever recored.

Using the Kongsberg EM124 multi-beam echo-sounder – the latest and most advanced sonar available – a complete 3D map of each area will be recorded. The resolution of the sonar will allow us to pin-point seamounts, escarpments, fault scarps, canyons and depressions within often highly variable substrate and in areas of intense siesmic activity.

With the exception of Challenger Deep in the Pacific Ocean which is already well mapped, The Five Deeps Expedition will be filling in areas of the sea-floor map which are either blank or extremely low resolution.

With these maps we can make predictions as to which species live where before moving into the second phase of the science plan….

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